15 Signs of a True Friendship

Nowadays, in the world of social networks, it’s easy to have a lot of friends. In reality, this is not necessarily the case. As the saying goes, true friends can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

As we all know, a friendship is something special in our life, it is more than just a conversation or meeting. Real friendship is not superficial, but deep emotions play a part.

Friends are the people who come when you’re down in the middle of the night. They are the ones who help us with problems in relationships and with problems at work. Research has also found that friends make us live longer.

Be vigilant and look for the signs of true friendship as you go through life.

Here are characteristics of a true friendship.

1. True friends make you happier

A real friend makes you happier than anything, even when you least expect it.

Being with this person shouldn’t make you feel exhausted and stressed out.

You should see her as part of your family and someone who will never disappoint you.

2. Your secrets will be kept

A real friend is likely to know things about you that others don’t.

Maybe they know more about your life than you do!

When it comes to keeping secrets, they are real pros.

That should be appreciated because a true friendship is hard to find these days.

3. True friends forgive

It’s only human that we make mistakes.

A good friend is someone who makes a mishap with a friend but is able to forgive you once you’ve apologized, without holding grudges and starting over.

4. Friends make us value ourselves more

True friends strengthen our self-esteem.

They make us value ourselves more.

Each of us is quite self-critical and doesn’t always deal with ourselves constructively.

Whether we were unhappy with our performance in a job interview or don’t like our reflection, it’s true friends who speak up when we’re too hard on ourselves.

5. You can always count on them

The best gift a friend can give you is their undivided attention and care. True friends know that, so they make it a point to always be there for you.

A true friend sees your needs as their own.

When you need your friend by your side, he will put everything aside to have your back and be there for you.

6. True friends don’t talk behind their backs

What’s worse than trusting someone and then realizing they’ve been talking bad about you behind your back?

True friends will never speak badly of you as their friendship is more important to them than any rumor mill.

A true girlfriend or friend will never jeopardize a friendship over something silly like gossip.

7. The good memories outnumber the bad ones

In your heart there are many beautiful and loving memories that you experienced together with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

With real friends you have more good than bad experiences.

No other sign speaks more of true friendship than this.

8. Respect the other person’s opinion

Friends don’t have to agree with you about everything because that would be pretty monotonous.

Even if you have different ideas or views about things in life, you need mutual respect and freedom of speech.

Is there anything nicer than exchanging opinions about life with a good friend?

9. They tell us when we’re wrong

A good flair for telling the truth is one of the characteristics of true friends.

It’s easy for a true, trustworthy friend to say what you don’t want to hear but need to say.

True friends are people who don’t mince words, even when the truth can hurt.

10. They have an open ear for us

Conversation with our real friends is not a monologue.

At some point you’ve probably spoken to someone who changed the subject to talk about their own situation, although that’s not exactly what we’re looking for when we want to talk about our problems.

True friends listen carefully to what we have to say and when problems arise, they seek a solution as quickly as possible.

11. You stand by us even in difficult times

It’s important to have people to congratulate and support you in your moments of success, but true friends are there for the ups and downs.

Knowing someone and trusting them enough to be there for you during a difficult time is a sign of true friendship.

These people should be kept as family and sometimes more than that.

12. They have no problems with their other friendships

Having an excessive and jealous friendship is not healthy.

Even when it comes to a love relationship, jealousy can only cause problems.

Occasional jealousy can be normal, but when it’s a constant theme in a friendship, it can be a real red flag.

Possessive traits are particularly problematic and in some places can even put you in danger.

13. It’s about a good mood

Friendship should be fun.

It doesn’t make sense to let a friendship suck the energy out of your soul.

No negative energy is desired.

One of the hallmarks of true friendship is realizing that your friends make you feel much happier and more fulfilled than if you weren’t in your life.

14. The true friend knows exactly how to cheer you up

He knows your weaknesses and strengths and knows what you are lacking right now.

When you’re in a bad mood and he finds just the right thing to cheer you up, he’s a true friend.

15 True friendship knows no boundaries

You stay friends, despite different circumstances.

When you were single and partying every weekend it was easier because your interests were the same.

Even if you go on a business trip for six months or your friend gets married and has two children, you still meet and talk about everything.

Everything in life can change, but the heart of friendship remains.

15 Signs of a True Friendship


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