12 Warning Signs You Are Dealing With A Bad Person

Dealing With A Bad Person

12 Warning Signs You Are Dealing With A Bad Person

Many people believe that they can spot bad people instantly and remove them from their lives immediately.

However, there are different types of people in the world who are very good at hiding their true colors and who can pose a real threat to anyone.

It’s good to meet new people. Many of these people can become our friends, but on the other hand, they can also mess up our lives without us even realizing it.

Everyone we meet will show the best picture of themselves at the beginning of the friendship or love relationship.

Time usually shows the other face very quickly.

However, as mentioned before, there are many people who can hide their true colors for years without us noticing.

To make your life easier, in this article we have put together 12 signs that you can use to know that you are dealing with an evil person.

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12 warning signs you are dealing with a bad person

It’s hard to make a list of these characters because humans are very complicated creatures.

In order for you to know if someone is angry or just having a bad day, you need to spend some time with that person.

You can’t just tell what kind of person someone is at first glance.

But if you’ve known someone for years and feel like there’s something wrong in their relationship, you’ll certainly recognize that pattern in a few of these warning signs.

So let’s get started!

1. You want to control everything and everyone!

You want to control everything and everyone!

Bad people have one thing in common: they are controlling.

Also, they get jealous when they see someone trying to gain their friend’s or partner’s trust.

At every turn, they bring their opinions and actions to a situation to ensure it goes in a certain direction.

The control they have over others allows them to feed off of them.

They don’t do this because they’re worried, but because they see you as a resource they’d rather not lose.

But it’s not just about controlling you. They often feel downright uncomfortable and powerless when they are not in control of every aspect of their lives.

2. They hide their true colors

They hide their true colors

You never really know who a bad person is. They are different in different people depending on what they want from them. So nobody really knows who they are.

Evil people can have multiple faces and will show other people one that they can take advantage of at the moment.

For example, if they need your help right now, they’ll reassure you a few days beforehand that you can always count on them for whatever you need.

Of course, they’re just saying that to prepare you for the fact that they’re going to need your support.

In this way, they want to make you feel guilty, that if you tell them “no,” you’ll feel bad.

This is just one example of how evil and manipulative person might behave.

3. Bad people lie often and a lot

Bad people lie often and a lot

Let’s be honest. Everyone lies. We all do. Some are little lies, and some are big lies. But although everyone lies, not everyone is a liar.

Bad people are liars, big liars at that. Whether they’re lying about the grocery bill or the weather, they regularly find something to lie about. You can’t help it.

In other words, they lie for the pleasure of deceiving those around them.

Everything that goes through their minds is somehow altered in a way that fools the person who hears it. They also use lies to cover up their previous lies.

4. You are manipulative

You are manipulative

You can tell a toxic person by trying to get everyone to do anything for them.

Bad people are just as capable of showing kindness as any other bad behavior, but what really sets them apart is the price that comes with being kind.

They are masters of manipulation. They know how to plan ten steps ahead and they always know the purpose of their manipulation.

They don’t care what others think or if they hurt or cheat on anyone. They will follow the path when it suits them. They will manipulate others to get their jobs done.

5. They lead a double life

You lead a double life

Malicious people will never reveal they’re true lives to you. To say they live a double life is a massive understatement. They live hundreds of lives.

They lead double lives by wearing masks that suit their roles. If you are useful to them, they will treat you differently, and if you are not, they will not care about you. Their personality is also shaped by their desires.

The only thing they have in common is that nobody knows who they really are.

6. They will not apologize

You will not apologize

Bad people don’t have a moral compass.

They do what pleases them and they will never feel responsible for the pain they caused.

When they sense that they are being blamed in some way, they divert the blame before it even hits them.

When you believe that you are superior to everyone else, that you are always right, and that everyone owes you the best, you cannot just be humble and accept your foolishness.

Black-hearted people never apologize because they don’t care about other people’s feelings and just think they haven’t done anything wrong that they need to apologize for.

7. You are mysterious

You are mysterious

Bad people don’t want other people to know information about their lives.

This person constantly withholds information from you and makes you feel like you are being betrayed.

If you confront her about it, she will deny deceiving you.

Instead, she will say that withholding the truth is not the same as lying to you.

In other words, they will find ways to keep hurting you.

8. You have no limits

You have no limits

Bad people are stubborn, sociable, intense, clingy, and fake.

In many ways, they are like boomerangs. No matter how much you push them out of your life, they keep coming back to you.

But only if you allow it. An evil person will try to manipulate you into opening the door and letting him back in.

But this has dire consequences, and a malicious person will happily take off their jacket, kick off their shoes, and sit in front of the TV if you let them back in, so to speak.

One thing is for sure, if you push an evil person out of your life, they will always try to get back into your life, no matter how.

This is inevitable, but it can be prevented. No matter how stubborn, gregarious, intense, clingy, and fake an evil person is, they can always be driven out of your life.

They will use any means at their disposal to force you to let them stay.

They will manipulate, lie, pretend to be nice, attack and belittle, mislead and control.

But one thing is for sure, once you’ve made the decision to evict them from your space, your circle, and your life, you can’t go back.

They will try to change your mind, but the only way to get rid of them is to leave them behind.

A wicked man can change, but he can only do so of his own accord. And you can’t force them to change.

They can only change if they have an open heart, if they are willing to atone for their actions, and if they are willing to work hard to change their evil behavior.

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12 warning signs you are dealing with a bad person


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