12 signs someone might be emotionally unstable

12 signs someone might be emotionally unstable

When you enter into a relationship, you assume that the person you are dating is emotionally mature and balanced. But sometimes you can find out later that maybe that’s not true. It turns out that someone can be very emotionally unstable without you knowing it until the time comes. And the person who is emotionally unstable will never be able to have a mature, adult relationship.

Fluctuations in mood are completely normal, because not every day and not every moment will be perfect. Life is an unpredictable thing and it is normal to feel angry, sad, depressed and down at times. But people who are emotionally unstable have drastic reactions to events and have really erratic and erratic feelings.

Here are 12 signs someone might be emotionally unstable

1. You have rapid mood swings.

Mood swings are completely normal and everyone goes through this experience sooner or later. But when someone’s mood swings are worryingly frequent, it’s a sign that he or she is emotionally unstable. They tend to experience a roller coaster of emotions that you should never be able to keep up with.

One moment they can be sad and the next moment they can be angry at even the slightest inconvenience. Sometimes they can feel that way for no reason at all.

2. You are not physically healthy.

Physical and emotional health are interdependent. A person who is emotionally unhealthy will find it difficult to take care of their physical health, and failure to do so will lead to further problems with their mental and emotional health. This creates a vicious circle until they take responsibility to break the chain and address these issues.

When you see that a person shouldn’t be able to eat, sleep, and exercise healthily, it’s a sign that they’re emotionally frustrated. When someone absolutely stops taking care of themselves, chances are they are not happy inside.

3. They struggle to keep their commitments.

One of the biggest signs of emotional instability is when someone doesn’t show up for important things, including important commitments. Whether it’s at work or family gatherings, not showing up doesn’t bode well. Yes, you can’t commit to everything, but if someone doesn’t show up for absolutely everything, that’s a bad sign.

It should be even harder for them to keep their end of the bargain despite vouching for it. If you try to hold them accountable, their bad side will immediately come out and you will be in the line of fire.

4. They react in unexpected and erratic ways.

If you observe someone reacting very erratically and unexpectedly to almost anything that happens, then you are probably dealing with an emotionally unstable person. One of the most important signs of emotional instability is a reaction that is totally unexpected and unwarranted. An example of this is when someone suddenly starts laughing in the middle of a serious situation.

Emotional instability means that you don’t know how to react in certain situations and that you don’t have control over your feelings and sensations.

5. They come from a dysfunctional family.

When someone comes from a dysfunctional family that lacks love, care, and support, emotional instability is inevitable. Genes can also play a role, because those who have emotionally unstable parents tend to become emotionally unstable themselves. Coming from an emotionally healthy family ensures that you are also emotionally healthy. Of course, if this important element is missing, this leads to problems.

When you meet someone who is showing signs of emotional instability, you should always take a look at what family he or she is from. Be sure you will get your answer.

6. They are big pessimists .

Faith is a very powerful ingredient for a healthy and fulfilling life. It enables you to overcome any obstacle in life and come out stronger. An emotionally balanced and spiritually strong person has an appropriate level of confidence in their own abilities and in life, which gives them the strength to meet life’s challenges.

Someone who has absolutely no confidence in themselves and life and is generally pessimistic would never be able to handle the demands of an intimate relationship. In addition, they would break down at the slightest difficulty and would not cope with every difficult situation.

7. You always try to outdo others.

Emotionally unhealthy people will always try to “beat” you at anything you do. You’re obsessed with being the one in the room going through the most. For example, if you tell them that you are very stressed because of work problems, they will tell you that they have a harder time at work than you. When someone has limited emotional abilities, they think they support you, but in reality this is not the case.

Another sign of emotional instability is when you’re talking about an ambitious goal and they tell you that they have an even bigger goal in life. do you recognize the pattern

8. They fail miserably at empathy.

Not showing emotion is a sign of emotional instability, as is overreacting. If you are talking to someone about your problem and he or she is very cold towards you or shows no reaction, it is a clear sign that he or she lacks emotional sensitivity and empathy.

When you free yourself from having someone change the subject or steer the discussion to something else, especially something THEY want to talk about, then you know you are dealing with an emotionally unstable person.

9. They never take responsibility for their negative behavior.

An emotionally healthy and mature person takes responsibility for their behavior. They admit when they make a mistake, apologize for their behavior, and try to correct it. An emotionally stable person is secure and mature enough to see the big picture and make changes in themselves so that they are happier in the long run.

An emotionally unhealthy person will always feel that nothing is their fault and that they have done nothing to apologize for. For them, everyone else in the world must change, and everyone else is imperfect except themselves. That’s why emotionally unstable people have a hard time maintaining a happy, healthy relationship.

10. You cannot accept rejection or criticism.

Emotionally unstable people do not have good coping skills and therefore do not deal well with rejection and criticism. No matter what they do and no matter how many mistakes they make, criticizing them is like playing with fire. The moment you confront them about it, they go nuts.

Rejection is something they find difficult to come to terms with. They have a hard time accepting that someone might reject them or something they say, and needless to say they react quite poorly to such scenarios.

11. They’re obsessed with their image.

People who are very concerned about their image and appearance are insecure on the inside and suffer from low self-esteem and self-esteem. They base their self-esteem on superficial things that inevitably fluctuate, causing their self-esteem and love to fluctuate as well. As long as they and their lives look perfect from the outside, everything is fine with them.

A person who is uncomfortable in their own skin and who doesn’t love themselves for who they are will have a hard time transferring that unconditional love and support to another person. Before loving someone, it is important to love yourself.

12. They are very intense, to say the least.

Emotional instability can show itself in a number of ways, not just rapid mood swings and erratic behavior (although those two are the biggest signs). If you notice someone opening up to you too quickly and immediately disclosing their intimate affairs, that’s a cause for concern.

Emotionally unstable people can also rush into things very quickly without thinking about the consequences. If you confront them about it, they’ll freak out and accuse you of being the problem. They will blame you for not understanding what they want and for never wanting them to be truly happy.

Now that you know the signs of an emotionally unstable person, you’ll be better able to handle things when it counts. If you know someone who is like this, you should make it clear to him or her that he or she needs help and that if he or she doesn’t go, he or she will always stay in the same place. Therapy and counseling can go a long way in helping you to cope with your feelings and to get better.

12 signs someone might be emotionally unstable

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