12 Signs He’s Not Right For You (Even If He’s A Good Guy)

12 Signs He’s Not Right For You (Even If He’s A Good Guy)

Things haven’t been going so well the last few months and something seems wrong in your relationship, doesn’t it? No matter how hard you try, the spark won’t fly anymore. You have doubted your relationship and even noticed signs that he is not the one for you.

He’s a good man, but you feel like he’s not the one for you. Lately it seems like you’re just walking around with each other and you can’t imagine a future with them. This makes you sad and confused and you don’t know what to think and do to understand the signs that he is not the right person for you.

To clear up your confusion, we’ve created a list of signs he’s not right for you to help you make a decision about whether or not you want to continue dating him.

12 Signs He’s Not Right For You (Even If He’s A Good Guy)

1. You can’t be yourself with him.

One of the most important signs that he is not the right person for you is if you find it difficult to be yourself around him and you are always trying to impress him by being someone you believe that he will respect him. You try to shape yourself according to his ideas and beliefs and give up what you believe in.

All this just to make him happy and still keep the peace. But that’s not how love works. A healthy relationship will never force you to be someone you are not, and the person who truly loves you will accept you for who you are. He will never make you feel like you have to be someone else to make him happy.

2. You don’t have the same expectations of love.

He may want to sleep with you right after a few dates, but you want to take your time; you want to hang out, go on more dates, and know better before you head into the bedroom. It can also happen that he is not interested in being intimate with you at all.

If he completely avoids physical contact, it doesn’t bode well. If you two never agree when it comes to love, then he’s not the one for you.

3. You find it difficult to properly communicate with him.

Communication is one of the most important and important pillars of a lasting relationship. If he doesn’t communicate with you often, if he doesn’t get back to you after your dates, or if he doesn’t call you at the end of the day, if you’re awkwardly silent when you’re together, these are some of the many signs that he’s not the right is.

You cannot ignore communication in a relationship, nor should you think that without it it is possible to have a stable and happy relationship. Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship, and without it, it has no chance of standing the test of time.

4. You always do things differently than the other partner.

While it’s true that opposites attract, there needs to be some similarity and some level of compatibility between the two of you for the relationship to work. If he doesn’t do things the way you do and you don’t care about his stuff, that’s one of the biggest signs he’s not the one for you.

Being different people is okay and individuality is great, but at some point you have to be on the same wavelength in certain situations. If you’re constantly at odds over every little thing, it’s a sign that you’re not meant to be together.

5. You like the idea of ​​having a friend more than actually having them as a friend.

If you’re in a relationship because you enjoy “having a boyfriend” instead of having him as your boyfriend, then you’re with him for the wrong reasons, and that’s one of the biggest signs he’s not is right for you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep your options open and dating others, but doing it while you’re committed to someone is just plain wrong.

Why would you be in a relationship with someone if you are not interested in being faithful to them and just want a “friend” in your life? It’s far better to be in a serious relationship than to take advantage of someone just because you like the idea of ​​having a boyfriend.

6. You haven’t met his family and friends yet, even though you’ve been together for a while.

How many times have you been given excuses (lazy ones, if you think about it!) when you wanted to see his friends and family? Does he always seem uncomfortable with that? Does he always try to distract from the topic or react negatively?

That smells suspicious, doesn’t it? If he doesn’t seem interested in introducing you to his loved ones, then he’s not as serious about you as you think he is. If he refuses to take that next step with you, it’s a sign that he’s not the one for you and that you’re better off without him.

7. You feel disrespected, alone and unimportant when you’re with him.

One of the biggest signs that he’s not the one for you is when he never misses an opportunity to disrespect and ignore you. Respect is one of the most important cornerstones of a healthy, happy relationship, and if yours isn’t, then it’s not worth it.

If he tries to manipulate you, put you down, speak negatively of you in front of others, ignore you, or make personal things about you and the relationship without your consent, run for your life and never look back.

8. Your family and friends don’t like him at all.

Your loved ones love and accept you for who you are and know it better than anyone else. So if they don’t warm to your boyfriend, there must be a good reason. Because they’re on the outside, they can notice things about him that you don’t.

If they seem discouraging and concerned about the man you’re dating, you should seriously consider it. Don’t think that they want you to be miserable and alone, they are just trying to take care of you. If your loved ones don’t like your boyfriend, something is wrong and he’s not the right one for you.

9. You never have fun together.

If you can’t have fun with your boyfriend, then what’s the point of a relationship anyway? Every time you’re planning on dating him and you want to break free and cancel, then you’re not with the right person. You should be excited and looking forward to finding him instead of unhappy.

This is one of the most important signs that he is not the right person for you. In happy relationships, couples want to be with each other as much as possible. If you get bored and disinterested when you’re with him, it’s clear he’s not the one for you.

10. You break free from acting like his mother because he’s immature.

Yes, most women seem to have a nurturing and caring personality, but that doesn’t mean you have to watch out for your boyfriend all the time. If he is immature and irresponsible, then he must work at it and behave maturely as he pleases. If he doesn’t, that’s one of the biggest signs he’s not the one for you.

If he needs time to grow up and seems uninterested in dealing with his Peter Pan Syndrome , then mothering and caring for him is not your job. You deserve someone who knows how to take care of themselves and doesn’t expect you to take care of them all the time.

11. You don’t involve him emotionally.

He can give you a lot of time, but being emotionally unavailable is one of the biggest signs he’s not the one for you. Being your significant other means he understands your expectations and needs. If even after a long relationship he is insecure and hesitant to commit to you, then you deserve better.

There is no point in investing your time and energy in a relationship that has no future. He may be a good man, but if he’s not willing to take things seriously, then you should leave him and be with someone who is on your wavelength.

12. You disagree with your partner on basic things.

It’s okay to be different and have different opinions and ideologies, but if you can break free even on the most basic things, then he’s not the one for you. If your views and opinions on politics, religion, morals, family, personal values, and future plans are as different as chalk and cheese, then you might be better off without the other.

That doesn’t make either of you bad people, you’re just too different from each other. You have to agree on certain things in life or else you should fight even more and the constant fighting will make you hate each other.

These are some of the top signs that he’s not the one for you and that you deserve better. Even if it hurts at first, you will be happier in the long run because you should be with someone who understands where you come from and who suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I tell a guy he’s not the one for you?

Honesty is the best strategy when it comes to telling a guy that he’s not the one for you. Lying to him, avoiding him, or insulting him are not the right ways to break up with him. Be honest about your feelings and respectfully break up.

How do you know when someone isn’t right?

You don’t miss him when you’re apart, you disagree on everything, you can’t be authentic with him, you have to walk on eggshells in front of him and he’s not emotionally available to you – these are some of the most important signs that that someone is not right.

How do I free the right partner for life?

To free the right life partner is to love yourself, understand what your weak points are, be with someone you get along well with and can be yourself, have similar values, and be with someone who will always is there for you

12 Signs He's Not Right For You (Even If He's A Good Guy)

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