12 love tips you should never follow

12 love tips you should never follow

As much as you and your partner are together, these love tips won’t help you.

They’re the worst thing to listen to and can only compound the problem or exacerbate the argument. Nobody should give such advice.

When the first signs of argument or trouble appear, we’re ready to follow any advice that sounds reasonable and might help.

But sometimes all these tips can take us in a completely different direction. In the wrong direction.

Even if you trust the person who gave you this advice, don’t really take it because these 12 are the worst love tips of all time.

It won’t help your relationship, it can only make things worse. Thank you for the help, but try to find a solution yourself anyway in these cases.

12. Be unavailable!

Pretending to be unavailable is never good for a relationship. Especially this will not be smart if you have just become a couple.

At the beginning of a relationship or dating, starting to ignore your partner just like that with the intention of making them fall in love with you even more can be disastrous for your relationship.

A relationship partner often does not have as much self-confidence as we think. If he or she sees you ignoring him, he or she may feel like you are not interested enough in him.

11. Let the other side make the first move!

If you wait for the other side to make the first move, there’s a good chance nothing will happen between you in the end.

It’s amazing how often both wait for the other to make the first move and show interest. You can regret that a lot later.

It may take a little more courage to do this, but you will be shocked at how much it will improve your love life if you take the first step.

Tell yourself how valuable you are and that you deserve only the best. Constantly work on your confidence and take action!

10. Your perfect partner is waiting for you around the corner

Just as you are not perfect, there is no perfect person or perfect partner for you. Every single person you meet will have weaknesses.

If you accept this fact, you will find it easier to accept your partner’s weaknesses.

Then you will find that this not-so-perfect person is actually quite good for you and you get along great.

Finding a good partner also means finding someone whose weaknesses you know but can deal with.

9. Don’t analyze things too much, listen to your heart!

Critical thinking is required? The worst thing that can happen when you overthink your thinking is that you misinterpret a message or end up arguing about something that doesn’t really matter.

However, a lack of critical thinking or a path of less resistance implies ignoring danger signs and adopting a “think about it later” mindset.

It is very important that you think rationally about your partner and your relationship!

This mindset puts us in a situation where you date men who get terrified if you call them the day after love.

8. Opposites attract

This is advice friends give you when you like someone whose lifestyle you can’t stand.

In fact, there are differences that help both of you to develop your personalities and complement each other perfectly.

But there are also differences that do not complement each other, but irritate and represent an insurmountable obstacle. These are, for example, ideas about life, moral concepts, interests, the way in which finances are disposed of. Such

Differences of opinion can cause you major relationship problems. Opposites attract at the beginning of the relationship, but later this is no longer the case.

7. Arguing in a relationship is normal!

Quarrels and reconciliation as in the movies looks romantic and passionate, in real life it is too exhausting. Relationships in which couples fight constantly are not relationships that end with happy endings.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t passion between you, but that you might not be a good match.

It’s okay to argue about something sometimes, of course we don’t agree on everything, but often arguing is never a sign of anything good. Even the most harmless argument can lead directly to a breakup.

6. Your partner needs to know how you feel!

In a perfect world, we shouldn’t explain to anyone how we feel or why we feel the way we do.

But such a world does not exist and no one can read your thoughts and feelings. Not even your partner.

If you are angry about something or something bothers you, you should not wait until your partner notices and understands what the problem is, but openly say what is bothering you.

Even if it seems obvious to you where the problem lies, the male and female brains are not always on the same wavelength.

5. Your partner needs to recognize their mistakes!

Your family or friends will always stand by you and assume that you are the victim and have done nothing wrong, which is not always true.

It’s not always good to heed this kind of advice, because even if you don’t know it, your behavior may have led to the situation you are in now.

Instead of taking this advice to heart and starting an even larger argument, take a second to stop and consider whether your behavior might be at fault.

You may not have done anything wrong directly, but your partner may have drawn the wrong conclusions from your behavior.

4. Never go to bed angry with each other!

In fact, getting mad at each other is sometimes a good thing because it gives you a chance to sleep overnight and give yourself time to calm down.

Some problems in the morning don’t look as bad as they did the day before. It has been scientifically proven that people communicate more constructively and cleverly in the morning than in the afternoon and evening.

When you are in the heat of an argument, there are some things you can say that you will regret later.

Going home and going to bed is sometimes just the right thing to keep the argument from getting worse.

3. If your partner isn’t jealous, he doesn’t care!

In a way, you are flattered when you see your boyfriend being jealous because you take it as a sign that he cares about you.

But if he’s not jealous or doesn’t show it openly, don’t immediately think that he’s not interested in you.

There are people who are not naturally very jealous. Just as there are people who cleverly hide their jealousy.

If you don’t notice your partner’s jealousy, it doesn’t mean he isn’t jealous or doesn’t like you.

It’s good if there is no jealousy in your relationship, don’t look for problems where there aren’t any.

2. Children will save your relationship!

If your relationship breaks down, the problems you had before won’t go away on their own with the arrival of the child.

On the contrary, children combined with some unresolved issues can be deadly for a relationship.

Although problems can be masked by excitement about the baby, they will eventually surface. And when they reappear, they get even bigger.

1. Leave the past in the past!

As much as it’s not good to live in the past and constantly question it, it’s also not good to ignore it completely.

For example, if a partner avoids talking about exes, it can be suspicious.

We shouldn’t just ignore the fact that our partner doesn’t want to tell us about past relationships at all, because that may mean that they’re trying to hide something from us.

Sure, we all know that talking about exes isn’t easy, but that conversation needs to happen.

12 love tips you should never follow

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