10 thoughts to remember when you love a highly creative person

10 thoughts to remember when you love a highly creative person

Being in a relationship with a creative person can seem like a challenge at times, but the relationship you have with them always ends up amazing. They are unique and if you love them and are patient with them then it will pay off in the long run.

It has been proven that the brains of highly creative people work very differently than other brains. This special wiring of the brain that can produce such wonderful art, music and writing can often cause strain in a relationship because of these differences.

If you’ve ever loved a highly creative person, you know that sometimes it seems like they live in their own little world, and that thought isn’t far from the truth.

Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when in love with a highly creative person.

10 things to consider when in a relationship with a creative person

1. Your thought doesn’t slow down

The thought of a highly creative person is constantly running at full speed. It can be a source of crazy, spontaneous joy—but it can also be a burden.

Highly creative people shouldn’t have a normal sleep schedule yet and often tend to hop from one task to the next throughout the day. It can be exhausting trying to keep up.

2. They are cyclic

The flow of creativity is a cycle, full of ups and downs. Some people may label this behavior as “manic,” but really, it’s just how the creative process works. Keep that in mind as your partner goes through these natural ups and downs. The lows don’t last.

3. You need alone time

Creative thoughts need air to breathe. Whether it’s their own little workspace or an escape to a quiet place, they need time and a place to be alone with their thoughts .

Some people tend to think something is wrong when nothing is said, but that’s not the case with creative people. They only work in their own heads.

4. You are very focused

When a creative person is working on a task, they are very focused. It can be difficult to deal with the transition from a distracted brain to a hyper-focused person, so just understand that’s how their brain works. Don’t get frustrated.

5. Feelings go deeper

Creative people feel everything on a deeper level. What doesn’t seem like a big deal to you can be overwhelming to her. It’s the same passion they bring to their work that makes them love you. So understand that with good comes bad.

6. They speak in stories

Creative people often express themselves through experiences rather than just saying what they want to say. It’s a way of communicating that she embodies.

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what a creative person is saying, so don’t be afraid to read between the lines.

7. You fight with yourself

Being creative can be a serious internal problem. Motivation, enthusiasm, direction and drive can be a problem for creative people.

Some days they have a hard time getting out of bed and other days you can’t get them to slow down. Be patient in the doldrums as there is usually a burst of activity just around the corner.

8. Intuition is important

Creative people rely on their intuition rather than logic due to their strong emotional inclination. You go with your gut feeling.

Some people consider this to be rather impulsive. The creative thought does not rely on logic to make a decision, but on experience and passion.

9. They have self-confidence issues

When people create, especially when they make a living, they always have problems with acceptance. This is art. They have to wear their hearts on their sleeves and keep asking themselves if what they produce is good enough or not. To love a creative person, it is important to support him.

10. Growing up is hard to do

Creative people are almost always children at heart. This carefree manner can appear immature and impetuous – but that’s part of the game.

Understand that the aspects of their creative brain that you love are the same ones that make them somewhat irresponsible as adults.

10 thoughts to remember when you love a highly creative person

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