10 Signs Your Partner Is Being Childish

Partner Is Being Childish

10 Signs Your Partner Is Being Childish

We all make mistakes in life, but sometimes those mistakes are really, really big. And sometimes they come in the form of a boy who regularly makes you roll your eyes so hard you can see the inside of your skull. Sometimes these mistakes come in the form of a man who is your boyfriend.

No, we don’t just mean a boy who still lives with his parents. Many of us are stuck in this turn-of-the-millennium boat and are still getting on with life just fine.

A man-child is a man who just hasn’t grown up yet. Sure, that sounds funny at first, but when it comes to relationships, they’re not exactly brilliant.

They don’t seem to fully understand that adult life has already begun for them, nor do they seem to really want to acknowledge it.

Does that sound familiar to you? If you have a friend who loves going out, shrugs off life, and never takes responsibility, check out these 10 signs your friend is a toddler. Excuse me.

1. He has no motivation or ambition whatsoever

A lack of ambition puts everyone off, but a classic male child will take this to the next level.

Why bother looking to the future when you can stay exactly where you are and live exactly the same life as you did in 2009?

Professional goals? They consist in collecting all the available Mario Kart trophies.

His deepest desires in life? Putting together a squad for Saturday night’s pre-party. A look into the future? Well, that’s about as far as tomorrow’s football scores go.

While it’s perfectly fine to take the time to think about what you want for a career, spending years working on an idea for an app with nothing to show for it doesn’t count as progress.

2. He cares a lot about the opinions of his friends

It’s a golden rule in relationships that if he refuses to be in the same room with his friends, alarm bells should go off.

But it’s also not okay if you’re introduced to the “boys” and promptly ignored for the rest of the evening, or dismissed outright by your equally immature friends.

A grown mature person who is truly in love with you will always be proud of you and will want to introduce you to the other important people in their life.

If he puts his friends and their opinions ahead of you, then surely it’s a giant toddler.

3. His ego is out of control

All about self-love of course, but if he takes things to the next level then it might venture into manchild territory.

If he clearly rates himself an eleven out of ten and loves the sound of his own voice, it will tire very quickly.

That’s probably because he peaked at 18 and still thinks he’s the same guy.

When the most important thing in the world is himself, you will never come before his huge ego and selfish behavior.

He also probably thinks he has carte blanche to do whatever he wants because it’s “for his own good.” ugh

4. He gets jealous of everything and everyone


He gets jealous of your best male friends. He gets jealous of your male co-workers. He gets jealous of everyone who is a man you come in contact with.

But then he doesn’t do anything else to prove how much he cares for you or to work hard to keep you.

And this fit of jealousy always defies all logic.

It’s not even that you’re flirting, or that you’re flirtatious, or that anything is going on – it’s because he can’t grasp the concept of platonic relationships.

5. He cancels his plans

A childish man only talks and does not act. Actual, concrete plans are pretty much a foreign concept to him, whether they’re cute little plans for a date night or huge plans for a commitment that set off alarm bells.

Your average kid will probably come up with a super-romantic, Instagram-worthy idea once in a while, but it’s very rarely (if ever) followed through and you’re disappointed again.

A male child never really does much. He always plans to get a job with better prospects, he always plans to pay you back the money he owes you, and he always plans to take you out for a romantic dinner. A whole series of plans that aren’t actually planned at all.

6. He doesn’t take the blame for anything

In a way it’s even a kind of talent, hence credit where credit is due, oh clever child.

Do you know that scene in Friends where Joey accuses a raccoon of stealing Phoebe’s muffin?

This is your friend when it comes to responsibility for anything.

He keeps a victim card in his pocket at all times, which he pulls out whenever he’s in trouble.

Did he use your best shower gel? No, he wasn’t. Did he forget to pick up an important package for you? No, not his fault.

Did he make you feel really bad about something? It’s probably your fault, honestly.

By the way, we bet it’s not your fault at all.

7. He’s totally lazy in bed

As a charming change from the whole “giant ego” thing, he’s probably selfish in the bedroom, which isn’t exactly fun for you.

Much like a teenager who gets a little too excited about boobs and then it’s all over, it’s a halfhearted attempt to make sure you’re okay and not really concerned about whether or not you’ll make it to the finish line.

A grown man will probably want to make sure you have an even better time than he does, but a manly child will probably leave you wishing you’d made yourself a sandwich instead.

8. He doesn’t do anything remotely responsible or “mature.”

Doing laundry, changing sheets, paying taxes, and cleaning kitchen counters is never great, but it’s a must-do.

These are just skills and tiny bits of knowledge that you pick up as you grow up.

So prepare to make a small sacrifice to the gods in the hopes that they will rain down some brain power on your utterly useless friend who refuses to learn why a water bill needs to be paid and who refuses to accept that sometimes you just HAVE to take out the garbage cans. Ouch.

9. He uses you as a moving calendar

What are we doing again this weekend? Do we have plans for tonight?

When is my mother’s birthday? when is our anniversary Am I at work today?

What time do I have to get up tomorrow?

Should you really know your adult friend’s schedule better than he does? Useful adult information seems to slip out of his head, and it’s up to you to send flowers on Mother’s Day and make sure the rent is paid on time. Not cool – and that brings us to the last point…

10. You feel more like a mom than a friend

I’m sorry to tell you this, but you shouldn’t spend your life rolling your eyes, wondering if he’ll ever grow up, and nagging so much that you sound like your own mother, because he literally doesn’t listen to anything you say. It’s not right for you, and it’s not a healthy relationship either.

You shouldn’t pay for every single thing the two of you do outside the house, you shouldn’t pick up the things he leaves behind in a trail, and you shouldn’t clean his disgusting dishes again.

Sure, if he’s in good shape you’re probably having a lot of fun together, but when the bad times outweigh the good, it’s time for some serious talk.

You should never feel like you’re giving 100 percent while the other person is only giving a quarter of that because that’s all their stupid, childish ways allow them to do.

boy, bye

10 signs your partner is being childish


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