10 signs that indicate your story is over

10 signs that indicate your story is over

Ending a relationship is always a difficult time to go through. Breakups are painful, even for those who initiate them.

They are painful, whether our relationship is very new or dates back several years.

And it’s all the more complicated when you’re not sure of yourself and you have doubts about how to act… How do you know that your story is over?

How do you know if he really likes you and if things are likely to evolve positively or not?

Here are 10 signs that indicate that your partner is already thinking about the end and that it’s time to give up on your relationship.

He’s an incoherent man

One day he wants to be with you and the next day he prefers to be alone. One day he makes you feel like he’s crazy about you and the next day he doesn’t care.

In short, you get the general idea. If your partner is completely inconsistent, changing in their desires, that’s not a good sign.

When you want to get involved in your couple, you show consistency (and this, very early in the relationship). We do not blow hot, then blow cold!

Note that consistency is absolutely necessary in order to build a solid couple relationship. Without consistency, it is difficult to establish a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding.

In short, it’s not serious and it’s a clear sign that your story is over (maybe even before it started).

He makes no effort

Consistency and effort go hand in hand. If he doesn’t make an effort for you , he just doesn’t want to get involved with you.

What’s more, lack of effort often means the impossibility of finding common ground.

And without the ability to compromise, a relationship can never become serious.

In any case, a relationship in which compromises have no place is rarely satisfactory for both parties involved…

It’s actually quite simple, if your partner or the man you like seems incapable of making the slightest effort for you, to do you a favor or to spend time with you, he simply doesn’t care. from you.

That he doesn’t want to go any further and therefore your story is doomed.

He always has good excuses

Whether he stood you up or forgot your birthday, he always has a good excuse… Sometimes even a little far-fetched…

Suddenly it’s his job, then it’s family obligations, the next day he’s exhausted… There’s always something going on and that’s not a good sign!

Remember, we all have busy lives, but no one is so busy that they don’t have time to love!

Even the President of the Republic knows how to find time for his family. That says everything ! When you feel good with someone, even when you are tired, finding them should always be a pleasure.

In short, if he never has time for you, it is not his schedule that is overloaded, it is simply that he does not have the desire to find you a niche.

It makes you doubt yourself and constantly question yourself

Questioning ourselves is a perfectly healthy behavior, especially in the context of our human relationships. But when it becomes everyday, it’s not normal and it can even become toxic.

If you are constantly forced to doubt yourself, your physique, your opinions or others, run away!

This is the first of the warning signs that you should try to spot.

If you never know what to expect with him, if you can’t figure out what place you occupy in his life…

It’s just that you don’t have any! Or at least not the one you want.

Because one of the primary roles of a lover is to reassure you and dispel your doubts as soon as they arise. So, if you are in the opposite situation, it means that the man concerned does not care about you.

You only have questions and no answers!

You don’t know anything about him. You don’t know anything about his background. He never told you about his childhood and you don’t even know where he grew up.

You don’t know his friends or his family (you don’t even know if his parents are alive). You don’t really know what he does for a living or what studies he has done, etc.

So many signs that should put you on the alert.

Your story is over or rather, it is not likely to begin because if this boy does not tell you anything about him, he is in fact quite transparent about his intentions…

If he chooses not to share anything intimate with you, it’s because he doesn’t want to go any further . Don’t worry, it’s a blessing in disguise: it’s better to know what his “feelings” are before things go too far.

And it’s pretty clear here: you’re just a hobby.

If he doesn’t seem interested in your life at all, it’s really time to move on.

You are convinced that if you were absent, he would not miss you

If during your absences, he doesn’t seem to miss you and if he doesn’t seem to care more about your presence, it’s because you count for butter in his eyes.

Whether he told you so clearly or whether it was a simple intuition, if your absence and your presence have no effect on him, take to your heels.

You mean nothing to him. You are not unique and do not occupy a special place in his life. Because otherwise, he would miss you very quickly.

A man who doesn’t care about having you around will never fight for you. And I know you deserve better than that.

Better to walk away and find someone who knows how to appreciate your presence and realizes how lucky they are.

He reminds you of your ex

If looking at your current boyfriend (or crush) you start to isolate the same patterns as your ex, it might be time to get worried…

If your exes are your exes, it’s not for nothing and if your current one repeats the same behaviors as them, it’s not a good sign.

If you find yourself in this type of situation frequently, it would be interesting to think about it and ask yourself why you always end up with the same type of men.

But don’t worry, you’re not the only one. We all have the tendency to repeat the same mistakes. Just think about it and wonder about the reasons for our harmful attractions.

Either way, it’s work you have to do in order to avoid falling back into relationships that don’t suit you and make you unhappy.

He’s not there for you

If your partner seems unable to support you in the important (or less significant) events of your life, there is a problem.

Again, love and support go hand in hand. When we love someone, we help them and accompany them naturally.

If he’s not there on important occasions, if he’s not interested in your job or any stressful event you might be facing, that’s problematic.

How could a man like that deal with the big challenges that come up when you’re in a relationship (commitment, tough decisions, etc.)?

And if he’s not there, if he doesn’t really want to “be” with you, too bad for him .

In short, if he does not support you, it is because he is not interested in your life. And if he’s not interested in your life, he doesn’t deserve you!

he is lying to you

Nothing is worse than secretiveness and secrets, especially at the start of a relationship (but afterwards too!).

If he lies to you regularly or has lied to you in the past, whether it’s about his romantic situation, his professional life or otherwise, beware.

Once a liar, always a liar. Yes, people change, but to some extent…

If he’s still a bit fuzzy and alarmed when you get a little too close to his phone, ask yourself the right questions.

He has something to hide. And if he doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to dispel your doubts, that’s also a worrying sign.

Obviously, everyone has the right to their secret garden, but there are limits, especially within the framework of the couple.

He has never done or said anything that indicates his desire to be with you.

In love, there is no need to look for noon to two o’clock! When you want to be with someone, you let them know .

Whether one is shy or self-confident, one always finds ways to signify one’s attachment to the other.

A man who develops feelings shows up. He shows the joy he feels at the idea of ​​going a long way by your side, or at least he shows a certain form of enthusiasm!

And if you’re forced to spend hours analyzing his gestures and words to see if they indicate any desire to be with you, that’s not a good sign.

It’s normal to ask questions, but not about that and not like that!

Don’t fall into that trap. If he doesn’t make an effort, don’t wait any longer: he doesn’t deserve you.

To finish,

Remember that we are all different and that some need more time before expressing their feelings.

But even the most reserved or the most mysterious among us will know how to make a sign to their beloved.

When after several weeks of relationship, there are no signs of attraction, it is clear that the story in question is doomed to failure.

If he’s cold and indifferent, that’s unlikely to change.

So don’t waste your time and go looking for someone who is worthy of you and who knows how to prove to you all the attachment he has for you.

10 signs that indicate your story is over

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